The Funny Farm

I’m thinking of changing Pinewood Cavapoos to The Funny Farm. What do you think?

I’m pretty sure after this week is over that I might need to go to the funny farm 😛 hehe

Rosie’s temperature was down this morning. And she has read the dog whelping handbook and knows the routine. 😉 So we’ll see what today and tonight bring. Good thing my couch is half-way comfortable.

Belly rub time!

Oh, and Lucy is right behind her just a few days…..

Yep, I’m just a little bit crazy! But what do you do when the girls decide to cycle together and you have so many people waiting for a puppy?

The next few days will be insane and tiring, but I’m excited for all the families that will finally be getting their special puppy <3

Stay tuned for updates from the Funny Farm!

P.S. no, we’re not really changing our name. 😉

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