Puppy news!

Thank you all for being so patient! I know most of you are anxiously waiting to hear about our two new litters! It’s been a crazy, busy, tiring week and my focus has been on them and their moms.

A week ago today, Rosie delivered her pups. She has six beautiful red and apricot puppies; three boys and three girls! They’ve had a bit of a slow start I think mainly because mom is such a big girl herself, and a bit clumsy. She tends to want to dig her bed up which has puppies under, behind and on top of it. Then she will get up and lay back down and end up with puppies behind and under her! Oh, Rosie…. Therefore, it’s been a bit difficult for the smaller, less pushy puppies to always get up to the milk bar. So I have been supplementing them to make sure they’re getting enough, plus between my hubby and I, watching to make sure she is not squishing any.

Then not quite four days later (in the wee, wee hours of the morning on Tuesday), Lucy decided it was her turn. She did super! She has four, beautiful, “cow” puppies. Three girls (I know, crazy for us, right?) and one boy. They are a rainbow of colors; one blenheim, one sable (grayish) merle, on dark sable and one sable phantom. When Lucy delivered her babies she had absolutely no milk yet! So I jumped in to feed babies and gave her a special herbal supplement to help bring her milk in. She now has milk and the babies are starting to gain weight better.

I will still be hanging pretty close and carefully monitoring both litters to make sure they are doing well. And when I have to run to town, hubby steps in as the babysitter.

Here’s a sneak peek at our two new litters!

Lots to love!❤️

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