Rearranging things

It was time; time to rearrange things with the moms and pups. Thankfully everyone is growing which means they need more room. We had already moved Mercy and her pups to the small puppy pen set up in the space by the stairs in the living room.

Now it was time to give Rosie some more room with her crew. But since our living room is not very big we had to do some rearranging to make it all work.

We squeezed another small puppy pen into the spot between the couch and the wood stove where Hazel and Lucy’s big crates had been. Rosie and her puppies were moved into this puppy pen. They’re still a little young for the Ugodog litterbox, but I put it in there anyway so it’s available when they figure out their sea-legs.

Hazel got moved to the other side of the wood stove. She is still in her big whelping crate. We don’t want to give the pups too much room at this point so they stay cuddly and warm together.

Lucy took over Rosie’s bigger crate and got parked at the end of the couch up against the wall so we can still walk by.

The living room is full!

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  1. ahuva hammer says:

    in other words the Maternity Ward if full to capacity, the next mom will have to be put in the hallway:)

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