Testing, testing

The covered potty area is finished!

This will be so nice for rainy, fall weather and “snow-season” (I don’t like that “W” word :P)

It’s right off the back door outside the laundry room. Hubby put guttering up too so the rain won’t drip on us as we head in and out the door. It will be a nice dry place for moms, puppies, and teenagers to head outside for potty breaks.

He just put the finishing touches on it a couple days ago when he shoveled a thick layer of pea gravel in to cover the dirt. And just in case anyone gets any ideas, he laid wire down under the dirt so silly puppies won’t dig holes.

Today, Reba and Baby Girl got baths so they tested it out for me when they went out for a potty break. Since they were clean but I hadn’t’ gotten the grooming (with clippers) done yet, it was a nice, clean place for them to go and still stay clean.

Thankful, once again for my handy-man. 🙂

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  1. Olga Standidge says:

    Super nice ❤️

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