I had to

I don’t normally bathe four-week-old puppies, but I was forced to after the grate was moved slightly off the UGOdog, exposing the dirty tray and the puppies proceeded to waddle through the mess. (I’m guessing Rosie stepped on it just right as she was getting out of the pen and pushed it out of place.) And I was just in the process of cleaning their pen and getting ready to take puppy pictures. Thanks, guys.

Urine “perfume” is not a great scent.Β  😝 I had to bathe them.

I figured the easiest way was to add warm water and shampoo to the sink and put them all in together. Poor little tykes.

Them I wrapped them in towels and towel dried each one before we headed to the wood stove to keep on with the drying process.

After lots of towel drying I put them back on their bed on another dry, fluffy towel and proceeded to hand dry each one completely with the hair dryer.

Mamma Rosie was overseeing the process.

Their puppy pen is right next to the wood stove, but I stuck the heating pad on low under their bed and added a couple blankets over them to keep them cozy.

What’s under here?

Nice and clean, dry and warm!

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