As those of you who read my blog posts know, a couple weeks ago I posted about our Puppy Matching Day coming up (which is today).

This is something we’ve never attempted. Normally it’s is a long, drawn-out process trying to contact each person on the list; sometimes getting ahold of them right away and getting a puppy matched, but more often playing email/phone tag and waiting to hear back from someone (after an email, I wait for 24 hours and if no contact, I call and wait another 24 hours before moving on down the list). So you can see how it can take days, or weeks (depending on how many puppies we have to match) before I can all the puppies lined up with their forever families.

I was hoping that everyone would read the blog post and be ready for a phone call from me today. I assume everyone that puts the effort into filling out the application and excitedly getting on our waiting list, will be following along on our Facebook page and/or the blog/website to keep up on all the latest news and announcements. But that’s not the case.

Whenever someone gets onto our waiting list, I send them this link to make sure they are following along on one if not both places so they won’t miss out on any announcements.

But I guess I should have sent out a group email or individual emails to the top fifty just in case they were not following the blog posts. But I didn’t.

So it looks like our Puppy Matching Day is at a standstill. I don’t think it’s right for me to skip these folks because they did not read the blog. I just can’t skip them and not give them the chance to get back to me, especially since some have been waiting a year or more.

So at this moment, I’m working on sending out emails (and calling) each person on the top part of the list (obviously, those of you who have been so good about checking in with me, I won’t need to) and I’ll give them 24 hours to respond and then continue working my way down the list.

I apologize for all of you that were anxiously waiting for a call today and have been so good about communicating. I feel bad for the delay. But like I said, I can’t in good conscience move on without giving these people a chance to respond.

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