A few more details

Just a heads up for those getting one of our current puppies!

I had tentatively planned to send puppies home on the following dates

  • Mercy pups~Dec 9th
  • Rosie pups~Dec 16th
  • Lucy pups~ Dec 23rd (that was a “maybe” anyways)
  • Hazel pups~Dec 30th.

After considering leaving early in the morning four Sundays in a row to drive to Spokane (think winter weather; snow, sleet, ice….especially driving a truck which has a powerful motor and no weight in the bed. For those who don’t understand. It means my truck gets squirrely real easy on icy/snowy roads. I’m a chicken, what can I say?🐓😬), I’ve decided to consolidate my trips.

I plan to deliver Mercy and Rosie pups the same day on December 16th. And then return on the 30th with Lucy and Hazel pups.

We will meet as a group each Sunday. It makes it fun for everyone getting puppies from the same litter to be able to meet and chat. It also makes things easier for me because I only have to run through the puppy info once as a group instead of repeating my spiel umpteen times in one morning (and forget who I went over what with…my poor brain🤦🏼‍♀️) And it only takes a couple hours to deliver a whole litter (or two in this case) instead of it being an all-day process for me.

The meeting room is in a hotel at the airport, so once we’re done those that are flying home with their puppies will only have a five to ten-minute walk to the terminal (or we can ferry you over in my truck).

If you are one of those people flying in to get your puppy, please check with me before buying your ticket to make sure your arrival and departure times work into the schedule. Some people like to fly in the night before. Or if you choose to fly in Sunday morning and out in the afternoon we want to make sure you have enough time for our puppy meeting, getting back to the terminal and checking in about an hour before your flight (Spokane is a small airport).

Anyways, just wanted to get this information out to all those trying (or hoping) to make plans! 😊

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