Waiting list progress

Well, my Puppy Matching “Day” didn’t go as I’d hoped, but we’ll get the kinks worked out and try again for the next litter/s. Or we may do something completely off the wall like open the wait list up with available puppies and whoever contacts me first gets their choice no matter where you are on the list! 😀  But that is just a future idea and I’ll let you know if we change the process up.

For now, we are plugging along with the usual procedure of emailing and/or calling to get in contact with everyone individually to see if they’re interested in one our current puppies. So far we have four puppies matched! And so happy for their excited families!

And can I just give a big shout out and THANK YOU all the people that have checked in with me and let me know they’re ready, they’re excited and some even have some favorite puppies picked out! You guys don’t know how much I appreciate this. Even people farther down the list than fifty have reached out, and I am grateful to each one of you! You make this process (and my life) easier!

Most everyone asks when they first get on the list “How long will I have to wait for a puppy?” Which is a great question! I try to give an estimate, but there are so many variables it’s really hard, even with past puppy matching experiences to go by. But I try. And some of the time it ends up being sooner than expected, but not always.

Here’s an example of what I’m dealing with now just to give you an idea. Of the top thirty-eight people (that’s where I’m at currently)

  • four families have been matched with their puppy ❤️
  • twenty-one people have “passed” (which means they didn’t respond so I passed them, had already told me they wanted a puppy in the “spring/summer”, weren’t ready right now, etc.
  • seven people have dropped off the list because they got a puppy elsewhere or had life changes and could no longer get a pup.

I know that doesn’t add up to thirty-eight, but the rest I’m waiting to hear back from or they’re discussing with their family which pup they want.

It’s a good thing I have an assistant today to help me 😉

*P.S. Just a helpful hint; if you get on more than one breeder’s waiting list (we breeders understand that a lot of people do this) PLEASE contact the “other” breeder when you get a puppy so they can remove you from their list and someone else can be bumped up into your spot! It’s really frustrating for a breeder to be working through their list matching puppies, waiting to hear back from people only for someone to tell them they “already got a puppy in April from another breeder”. 😩

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10 Responses to Waiting list progress

  1. Bill Sanders says:

    I would love to get on the waiting list. Do you have guess when you might open up the list again.

    Bill Sanders


  2. Heather Erdman says:

    🤞🤞 my birthday is 12/1… just saying 😃

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Susan Redmond says:

    Jennifer, You have to be THE most patient person that ever there was! You have my heart felt sympathy and admiration! You really are the best!

  4. Hello! I just wanted to quickly introduce myself 🙂 I’ve been quietly following you for a couple of years! This summer after spending some time with a friend’s Cavapoo I was finally able to talk my partner into the idea and we agreed it was time to explore adding a little one to our family. I just missed jumping on the waiting list before it closed so I’m very much looking forward to it reopening and making it official! I think you do incredible work with so much passion and dedication, thank you! Following along closely 🙂

  5. jonnastar6 says:

    We have a magical 10-year-old apricot male cavapoo, and a 10-year old tri-color cavalier. We hate to even contemplate losing either one, but when that day comes, we want a cavapoo from a breeder of your quality. Living in Western Washington, we are willing to come visit a litter whenever their little personalities start to emerge to find that special baby that “clicks” with us. I know your waiting list is not open at present – just want to make sure I’m doing everything possible to learn when it does open? Thanks so much, Claudia Knauss, 253-732-1944, Jonnastar6@aol.com. Guidance? Thanks!

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