Puppy Matching Update

Just a quick puppy matching update for those wondering!

We have matched the last two of Rosie’s boys last night and this morning (Congrats to Sherri and Holly and families!). I’m waiting to hear back from someone who might possibly be matched up with Rosie’s last girl. (Yes, that would mean the whole litter of Rosie’s would be spoken for. As usual, the red puppies go first since that is what the majority of people want or fall for).

I’m just getting into the 30’s on my list and we still have lots of beautiful puppies available. We have all of Lucy’s puppies (unbelievable with those unique colors!) and still one boy and all of the girls from Mercy’s gorgeous black and tan bunch. We also have all the females from Hazel’s tricolor litter. If someone wants one of them we may just write down “wants tri female” and pick individual puppies when they’re a bit older and can see more of their personalities.

So far I’ve matched nine puppies (pending an email from the current person I’m working with) and have gone through approximately thirty people. So you can see how far I may be getting down the list before they’re all matched!

So that’s where we stand at the moment. When I have updates I’ll share more.

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