Hope loves visiting people. Hope loves people, period. A couple weeks ago we went with our friends to sing at the convalescent home in town.

After getting through the front door, Hope charged down the hallway pulling on the leash because she knew there were people there!

I don’t push a dog on people when we go because some people are not “dog people”. Hope would go up to different people and look up at them and I’d wait to see if they responded to her. She was very happy when they did offer a hand out to her.

This is my friend and her daughter who came to sing also.

Another friend from church. She loves when I bring Hope or any of the dogs.

She visited with lots of people. This guy loves when I bring a dog to visit.

“, do we have to leave?”

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4 Responses to Visiting

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    wow i think you are amazing Jenn how in the world do you have time for all the big dog training plus all the puppy training. Here in NY Smoochy our cavapoo is a Therapy dog and it took endless hours of training to pass that test. Even now a year later we are training again to retake and be able to continue with going to hospitals and schools to do Dog therapy, i am so impressed with all that you do, May the Holiday season and the New year bring you lots of energy to do you job as well as you are in good health.

    • Thank you! Hope is not trained as a therapy dog “officially”, she just loves people and this nursing home allows dogs to visit. I feel like I’m way behind on big dog training actually😉 Thank you for the kind wishes! The same to you!😊

  2. Olga Standidge says:

    Hope is the best ❤️🐶❤️🐶🐶🐶

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