Down to the wire

Yep, we’re on the home stretch for our older puppies! Most of them will be leaving on Sunday to meet and go home with their forever families! A few have made other arrangments to pick up their puppies here because of scheduling conflicts.

So I’m in the midst of preparing puppy packets and finishing baby blankets. The puppies go to the vet for their check-ups tomorrow (which will take half of the day up with travel time and exams on t.w.e.l.v.e.p.u.p.p.i.e.s. 😮). I have a group email with the details that I need to send out to all those that I’ll be meeting Sunday, more clicker training to do with babies, another mom due ANYTIME (not Cavapoos, but that’s another blog post 😉 )more emails to send regarding the last three pups that still need matching, plus the normal day-to-day things. (BTW, I have new pictures of Rosie pups to share! I did them a bit early because of how crazy things are at the end of the week).

And then I’m off from doggie business from Friday sundown till Saturday sundown. But my brother will be flying in Saturday morning and arriving here in the afternoon. Because unfortunately, we lost a beloved uncle recently and right after puppy deliveries on Sunday morning I’m heading to Idaho to see family and attend the memorial with my brother.

So if I’m a bit more frazzled then usual 😛 please bear with me through the next few crazy days!

And if you are picking up your puppy the Sunday, December 16th and DO NOT get the group email from me regarding Sunday’s schedule by tonight, please contact me ASAP!

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