You’ve been waiting

Thank you guys for your patience! I know everyone is dying to know about the new puppies.

We have two new litters here that arrived around the New Year.

The first is from Flower and Justice! Flower has five colorful puppies to share with you; two black (with some white markings) males, one black and white male (our little “peanut”), one blenheim female and one apricot female. <3

Flower had some issues with her milk coming in well, so we had to do some extra supplementation with her and her babies (which would explain my lack of internet presence lately as I’ve been extra busy being “hover mother”.) They are gaining now, but still petite pups at this point. Give them a couple more weeks and they will be roly-polys!

Aren’t they beautiful?! 😍

Our very newest litter is from Gracie (and Clancy) who proudly presented us with a litter of six lovely reddish babies; three boys and three girls. (between Joy and Gracie our red “fans” should be very happy!)

Red, red everywhere! ❤️

It’s exciting to see what this new generation of Cavaliers is producing for us. First was Smudgie’s little litter of one last fall, then Mercy, Joy and now sister Gracie, (and Justice is producing his first pups!) They all look very promising and all of these new moms have stepped up to motherhood wonderfully!

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    Congrats Jennifer, on such wonderful Christmas and new year’s deliveries. All is well here. Gino is away this week so hope and jules have me all to themselves. Hope prefers to sleep downstairs in our living room (she always shared the sofa with Zoey) but jules loves our bed upstairs.

    During the day we just kind of laze around while i try to get motivated to do house projects! Anyway, i thought you might enjoy seeing how the girls relax together in the evening while i watch tv. They are such loves.

    Many thanks and hugs to you and the new babies,

    Esther [Image]

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  2. steveyoung7056 says:

    Hi I read on one of your posts that as well as a waiting list there is an “alternate” list. Know the waiting list is closed, what about the alternate list? Thanks. Stephen Young, Issaquah 98027

    • It’s for people that have been sitting on our waitlist long term and not doing anything, so I moved them to another “list” so the regular list wouldn’t be so long 🙂

  3. Hi,

    How do we go about getting on your waiting list for a puppy?

    Kind Regards


    • Hi Jill,
      Thank you for inquiring. Our waiting list is currently close but should be reopening soon. If you would sign up for email notifications from our blog/website you won’t miss out on any news or announcements. Thanks!

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