Well, after a quiet weekend (from my end, although we were still busy) 😉 today was catch up day!

I had to get pictures of Joy and Oakley’s puppies! I can’t believe they are six and seven weeks old already!

Two of Oakley’s puppies have been matched and one of Joy’s has been chosen. So I’m continuing to work my way down the list getting Joy’s pups matched. Some people are hard to get ahold of or aren’t even following our current litters (that always intrigues me why people get on a puppy waiting list and then don’t pay attention to what’s happening?) and others are super excited and reaching out to me with great enthusiasm!

Our two older litters are continuing to have fun play sessions, learning, exploring and experiencing different things! Today we checked out the barn, climbed on the hay, met the cats and looked at the horses from a distance. It was quite the adventure!

Our next oldest litter is Flower’s little ones. They are now four and a half weeks old and clambering out of the puppy pen everytime the door opens. They are still very small, just perfect little “miniature” Cavapoos. They love to eat and their plump little bellies prove that!

Gracie’s babies are now three and a half weeks old and toddling around their playpen and using their Ugodog litter box. They’re not really interested in venturing any further than that so I bring the toys to them.

Glory’s pups will be three weeks old in a couple days. I usually move mom and babies to a puppy playpen when they are about three to three and a half weeks of age. I bet you’re not surprised to hear that I’ve run out of puppy playpens! So since they are so roly-poly and there are six of them, mom and babies are just plain running out of room in their big crate.

So we improvised a new puppy playpen out of their crate (just dismantled it and put the halves end to end) and an Iris pen. Ta-dah!

I covered it with a blanket to keep the warmth in.

They’re just barely crawling around, but these two somehow managed to pull themselves over the lip of the crate! Once they’re ready for a litter box, I will place one on the other side. But for now, it’s a place for mom to get away and have some space to herself.

And lastly, Reba’s babies are eleven days old. They are growing nicely and still tucked away with mom in their covered crate to keep them cozy. Of course, Reba insists that the door stay open at all times so she can still be in charge of the house. 😉

I keep the blanket draped over the door to keep the heat in and she just pushes through it like a curtain. It hilarious to watch any other unsuspecting dog walk too close to the crate and see a little, brown torpedo hurl out the door to let the “offender” know they’ve come to close!

Does anyone see the nose?😉

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    I cannot imagine why anyone on your list is not glued to your posts and YouTube channel! I absolutely love it when you post something new! Keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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