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“Hi my name is Obi (formerly Rodeo), my big brother calls me ObiGood! I am from the western litter and will be 2 years old on August 6th, my favorite pastime is playing ball with my mom and now wrestling … Continue reading

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Aussalier news

As you guys might remember from my last Aussalier post we had decided to not raise anymore just because we weren’t getting enough interest to warrant breeding a litter. But I wanted to share some information for those of you … Continue reading

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Aussalier list update

Well, I have done a blog post and sent emails for both our Aussalier and our Cavapoo waiting lists. This post will be a follow-up regarding the Aussaliers. I’ll have news about the Cavapoo waiting list a bit later. I … Continue reading

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Aussalier and Cavapoo waiting lists

Hello everyone! Just a quick blog post to those on our Aussalier and Cavapoo lists. I sent out two group emails yesterday. (Thank you for everyone who has responded already!) One to those on our Aussalier waiting list and one … Continue reading

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To Aussalier or not to Aussalier, that is the question! 😉 If any of our Aussalier lovers have been following us for a while, you know we haven’t had a litter of Aussaliers for over a year and a half. … Continue reading

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Sweet greetings!

We had a lot of Christmas greetings and adorable pictures shared on our private Facebook group so I thought I’d share here for everyone to enjoy too! Some of the pups have December birthdays also so they were celebrating birthdays … Continue reading

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Hashtag is the best dog living his best life!! He’s a healthy, loving, active boy and is constantly watching for birds… and for new toys, which he has too many of, but how can you not spoil this face? Thank … Continue reading

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Warning: this post contains dangerously cute pictures!

I see you’ve disregarded my warning and have scrolled down into the danger zone! Well, okay if that’s what you want to do. 😉 I tried to warn you… I told you so… “I is cute!” Twin posers! “Is this … Continue reading

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Special visitors

Our special puppy socializers came for a visit this week and they and the puppies had a good visit. They’re mom is always so appreciative of the visit because the kids enjoy it so much. But they’re the one doing … Continue reading

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Busy bodies, busy times

With the Aussaliers and the Poodles at a busy age there is always stuff to do with them; working on being comfortable in a crate, playing with and on different things, learning about the great outdoors (and going potty outside) … Continue reading

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