My invention

I’m surely no Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, but how do you like my new invention? Hehehe

The back half of the large crate is where the bed is and where the puppies normally hang out. Glory likes to have time away from the kids (what mom doesn’t  😉 )plus she gets overheated with all the little bodies around her so she likes to come to the front half to hang out.

The babies are now starting to pull themselves over the center divider to get to mom when they want her, but since it’s slippery plastic, they have nothing to get traction on to climb back over so I’m constantly rescuing them. Plus now they’re starting to pee on the front half (which is a good thing as they are trying to get away from their sleeping area to do their business).

So it’s time to introduce the litter box, and at this age, as always we start with the Ugodog. So I used a small rug tucked under their bed on, wrapped it over the ledge and then tucked it under the Ugodog on the front side. With the rug, they should have enough traction to climb over to use the litter box (and visit mom) and get back to bed!

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2 Responses to My invention

  1. Darla Finney says:

    Looks good…..big comfy bed and a bathroom close by just like a master suite. Well done!

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