As I’m working through the list contacting people, I’m sure there will be quite a few interested in our little Confetti aka Peanut. But I just want to let everyone know that he is not on the “adoptable” list at this time.

He is smaller than small! Really a pocket puppy, so I want to hang onto him a bit longer to let him grow and see how he does before I find him a home.

And, I’ll be real particular on what home he goes to. Please don’t be offended if I don’t pick you when the time comes. (I will probably just post an announcement when I think he’s ready and anyone can inquire about him. Priority will go to those already on the list, of course.) I want him to be in the right situation for him because of his size.

























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2 Responses to Peanut

  1. Darla Finney says:

    He’s as cute as can be. I wish I could adopt him but I need a bigger puppy for sure. One that can handle walks in the woods and romping with grandkids. Some lucky person will get a fantastic furbaby.

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