Monday was our vet appointment for Oakley’s Aussalier puppies as they near their delivery day. They did super! They’re such good puppies.

I also had scheduled Flower’s pups to go in for their first exam. Usually, our pups go in for one thorough exam before they head to their new homes. Since Flower’s litter had such a rough start, I wanted them to have their initial exam sooner, then another before they head home. And as I stated earlier, I will be keeping these pups a bit longer to give them a chance to get a bit bigger before transitioning to their new homes.

Since they were a bit younger than the usual age, they were not as confident as their older “friends”, but they still handled the exams and car ride well.

“Is it our turn yet?”

Can you find Peanut?

He make be little but his heart sounds good!❤️

The girls love when puppies come in!

“See you next time!”

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    This is the first time I think I truly understood how much smaller Peanut is in comparison to the other puppies!! He really is a “pocket puppy”!

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