Gracie’s puppies had their checkups yesterday (plus Kiss, since she is also going home this weekend).

It’s normally a few hours with the drive to the vet, the time it takes to examine all the puppies, do the paperwork for the health certificates needed, the vet health sheet, plus any microchips that are done, and then turn around and make the hour + back home. Sometimes I’ll make a quick stop at the store in town if I need to pick up something and the weather is okay to leave pups for a few minutes in my truck.

I always take their litter box, of course, so they can have a potty break and stretch their legs in the bed of my truck. Then a dish to offer water, and food if we’re there during a mealtime.

Yesterday was a bit different.

A couple days earlier hubby had mentioned he needed to go to town for some things. I told him I was going on Tuesday so we could go together. So instead of a couple stops, it turned into a lot of short jaunts into different stores to grab this or that.

First stop was the vet for the puppy exams. They did great and got lots of extra attention. The staff love when babies come in!

Then it was back to our other little town for errands before heading home. Grand total, the pups were in their crates for about six and a half hours with a break at the vet’s and another break for potty and to stretch their legs. It was great crate training experience and the pups did amazing!!

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