Okay, maybe a vacation or maybe just a breather away from puppies (sort of). When our current puppies go home (the Poodles will be the last to go on March 24th) we will be (almost) puppy-less for a while. I’m keeping a Poodle so he is going to be spoiled!

But the “girls” and the humans here will be taking a short break before more puppies arrive.

I’ve had several people ask “when are you expecting the next Cavapoo litters to arrive?” Well, it’s too early to tell for sure but the first possible spring litter could arrive towards the end of April. We will likely have several litters arrive throughout the spring months.

Oh, and when I said almost puppy-less, I didn’t mean just my Poodle puppy 😉

Let me introduce you to our newest Cavapoo!

Yep, we have a new baby! Just one little golden/apricot boy who is being thoroughly spoiled by his mom and me. <3

I really thought I was going to have about a month with no new puppies here, but this little nugget showed up last week. I had bred his mom (Allie) to Justice in hopes of keeping a Cavapoo daughter from Allie for our future F1b program. But we ended up with a different plumbing system in this one then I planned so he will be available to someone on our list and ready to go home April 28th.

I honestly didn’t think she was pregnant. I kept checking her and nothing felt different (I failed to confirm that hunch with the ultrasound, which I won’t do again.) Allie is a “private” dog and kind of keeps to herself. When she’s had puppies in the past, she hardly makes a noise or a mess. So when I opened her crate Friday morning to let her out to potty, I found the little bundle clean and dry snuggled in mom’s bed. <3

What a fun thing to wake up to! 😀

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3 Responses to Vacation

  1. Darla Finney says:

    Cute just isn’t a big enough word. And what a picture of sublime peace he is too. I SO want to snuggle that little face.

  2. Darla Finney says:

    Why do you want to have a F1b program? Are they truly more hypoallergenic? Thanks again for posting all the fun pictures and videos.

    • Darla the F1b where a Cavapoo is bred to a Poodle is considering the least likely blend to shed so those with allergies are more likely to go with this mix since they should be higher percentage of Poodle and less likely to shed. 🙂

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