Kitchen activities

Sometimes the kitchen isn’t just for playing although a lot of that does happen there. Yesterday, for instance, during each litter’s playtime (the only litters I can “mix and match” are Glory’s and Gracie’s because of age and size) we did some other things along with playtime.

Depending on the needs of each litter, we did some weights, toenail trims, put new ribbons on (again!) played some different sounds for the pups to hear and did some clicker training, and cleaned up after puppies. 😉

Different sizes depending on puppy sze😉

Weighing at this age is tricky!

Bluetooth speaker to amplify sounds👍


There’s always a “sample” to pick up😉

This playtime we mixed things up a bit and let three of Gracie’s pups and three of Glory’s pups play together. And then the next batch was the other half of each litter. Another time we paired up one from each litter for a “small” playdate with just two puppies at a time. It’s nice for them to learn to be away from their littermates and have other playmates.

And we played!

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