Little angels

Today was a busy day as I took Glory’s puppies and Champagne in for their exams before they all head home this weekend. They were absolutely little angels.

They made the long, windy ride to the vet’s with nary a peep!

Check up time went well as the tech and I got them ready for the doctor by taking temperature’s, weighing puppies, getting microchips ready, filling out forms and preparing them for the actual examination. (I just dive in when I get there since I know where things are in the exam room, plus I fill out my own health sheets for each pup at home and the health certificates when I arrive. They said something about putting me on the payroll today.) 😉



Each pup was thoroughly checked over by  Dr. Adams and then given the microchip (for those getting one). Then it was back in the crate to wait while the next one was looked at. When all the pups were finished, I took them outside in the back of the truck for some food, water, and a potty break while they did the stool sample test.

After they stretched their legs, got something to snack on and emptied their bladders it was back in the crate, back in the truck and down the road we went.

I had a couple stops to make in town, so they napped in their crates while I ran errands. They did amazing! But were very happy to get out of the crate and romp around once we arrived back home several hours after leaving. Good puppies!

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  1. Darla Finney says:

    Cute and healthy too! Perfect! I’m so excited for Sunday and so are my grandkids. We’re all very happy to welcome Payne into our family. Yay!!

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