Different views

We switched things up a bit this morning.

The usual play area that is big enough for puppies to stretch their legs, run, romp and play is my kitchen. But it does make it a bit more challenging if I’m in their cooking or washing dishes with puppies underfoot.

The weather is starting to warm up and the sun is brilliant today. So Glory’s puppies got to go outside in the covered play/potty area after breakfast.

And to make it easier to get through the kitchen (and clean the puppy room and puppy playpens), I set up two pens in the living room; one for the Flower kids and one for Reba’s Poodle puppies). So now everyone has a place to play and we can still walk through the house and get work done!

After I while we’ll rotate litters around so they all get a chance for a different “view”.

And today is also the last day for me to finish up getting puppy packets ready (unless I want to stay up half the night Saturday night 😛 ) because all of Glory’s puppies and Champagne will be going home on Sunday!

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