I’m human, I make mistakes

What do you guys think of leftovers?  Like when you go to your favorite restaurant and you just can’t eat the whole meal so you ask for one of those leftover boxes, and you’re all giddy because you’ve got lunch for tomorrow. Or those Thanksgiving leftovers that linger around the house after the holiday, just waiting to be picked at. Yum!

A leftover puppy is another story. Let me explain.

I’ve always had this underlying fear as I prepare to take puppies to Spokane that I’ll take the wrong puppy, or that I’ll forget one that I’m supposed to take. Of course, this is heightened when I have more than one litter around and maybe the pups end up going home on different delivery days, so things aren’t’ all cut and dry.

Last week, I was so excited to finish getting all the last of the current Cavapoos matched (excluding, of course, Peanut, and of course Allie’s little one) and thinking, “Yeah, they’re all going home on the same day!”

I prepared the puppy bags prior to the weekend, got the puppies are ready Saturday night, loaded them up Sunday morning and off we went. I had a sheet of paper with each person’s name and which puppy they were getting. It was easier than hauling all the applications with me on my trusty clipboard.

After arriving in Spokane, checking into my meeting room, I started pottying the puppies, unloading my things and placing all the puppy bags around the table in preparation for our get-together.

Ten-thirty came and everyone started filing into the room around the table, finding their puppy’s bag and sitting down.

But there was one couple missing. So we waited. And I checked my phone for messages. But nothing. I waited a few more minutes and then decided to go ahead and get started. I wanted to call home and have hubby check the application for the notes I had made to see what I had written (duh, Jen, always read your notes before puppy delivery day!🤦‍♀️)but was busy with our puppy meeting.

Later we took all the puppies out to the truck so they could run around in the truck bed, potty, get drinks and food if they were hungry, and the wheels in my head began to spin and think about things more.

I finally had time and was able to contact hubby back home later. He took a picture of the application and texted it to me. And there it was…..

Yep, now it was all coming back to me. I had talked with Townsend’s mom earlier in the week because they were leaving for a trip and we had agreed to meet at the Wingate on March 24th.

But with all the excitement of getting puppies matched and preparing things for their delivery day, I had failed to double-check my notes on her application. I just had the thought in my brain that the whole litter was matched and going home! (She had actually been matched a few weeks prior).

So thankfully, my fear of bringing the wrong puppy for someone, or forgetting someone’s puppy had not come true, I just had a “leftover” this time. 😉 hehe (Hey, I’m human)

Thankfully, it turned into a great day of socializing for Townsend as she met all the puppy people, had crate time, romped with her littermates one last time, then hung out with me the rest of the day as we ran short errands and visited my kids for a bit.

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  1. Sally says:

    Uh-oh! Sorry for the confusion, but I’m glad Townsend got to go to the party!!! See you on the 24th.

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