Our vacations over the years have mostly consisted of going to visit relatives in the state we weren’t living in 😜(living in CA, visit family in WA; living in WA, visit family and friends in CA). After we first moved to WA, my family came up and we did a little vacation with them over on the northern coast and B.C. and we did the CA coast on the way home one year when we just had the youngest still at home. But that’s about it. Seriously. We rarely went anywhere. We had fun though and did things around our area; hiking, camping, and some local activities. I wish we had been able to do more travel and exploring when the kids were home, but it just wasn’t in our budget.

Now, the kids are grown and they all love to travel! They are so much more adventurous than their father and me.

Which brings me to my point of the blog; some of our kids are heading off on an adventure (we have five; three born to us and two added in by marriage) and they invited us to go! But since hubby is more of a homebody he has easily agreed to stay home and “hold down the fort” while I go on my first ever “big” vacation/adventure with three of my kiddos! (I’ll share about it after I get home.)

In the meantime, I’m going to be super busy getting everything ready for the trip (finish grooming dogs, shopping, writing out dog “instructions” for hubby and figuring out the logistics for dogs to make things easier for the him, doing our taxes 😝 and getting our last Poodle puppy off to his new home (another trip to the vet for a health certificate and then to Spokane to meet the puppy parents), plus I signed up for obedience class which starts this week (I’ve already informed the instructor I will miss part of it because of our trip) and updating our waiting list and puppy matching process on the website. (I hope I can get all this done before we leave!)  😳

So to make things a bit less stressful, I will not be accepting any new puppy applications for the month of April! (I will make an exception if I talked with you in the last day or so, so please go ahead and fill out and submit them).

I will still be here for part of April, so if my puppy adopters have questions or potential adopters have questions, please feel free to email or call. I will make another announcement before I head out as a reminder since I will be completely unavailable by phone or email for the period of time that I’m gone.

And for those wondering about the waiting list and when it will be updated. Well, I’m planning on making some revisions to our puppy matching process which I hope will have everyone on the list waiting more involved and hopefully cut down on wait times for being matched with a puppy. With this new process, the waiting list itself and what number you are won’t be as critical so I probably won’t even have it posted on the website anymore. I know, now I have you curious and you have questions. I will still have a list here, so I know where everyone is on it (which is still important), but knowing your number won’t be as important. Please be patient and don’t start emailing questions yet. πŸ˜€ As soon as I can, I will post all about it!

Thanks for your continued support and for being part of the Pinewood Family!


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4 Responses to Vacation

  1. LauraMcGinnis says:

    Have a. Amazing vacation. Can’t wait to hear about the changes to the matching process.

  2. Dee says:

    Enjoy your well deserved vacation. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. πŸ€—

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