The great escape

I was sitting at my computer one morning working on a new blog post when hubby comes in the front door after starting his car to tell me there was some “activity” going on and Sage (our young Cavapoo) was involved. Actually, she was the recipient of the activity. For a split second, I didn’t think much of it as sometimes when I female is coming in season, another female will, (um how do I put this nicely?) “act like a male dog”.

But then the lightbulb went off in my head and I remembered our fence climbing Cassanova was outside too. The last thing I wanted was Sundae breeding my “baby”!

The morning was beautiful and sunny and the snow has actually starting to “leave” so I had planned on leaving the adults outside most of the day to enjoy the spring-like weather. We have three large fenced in yards for the dogs to exercise and play in. Usually the boys are in one yard and the girls in another. And I have a pretty good idea when a girl is due in season and can plan accordingly and not let the girl and Sundae out at the same time. It’s a bit different with the young girls that are first coming in season or haven’t gotten their cycle in a regular routine yet.

I rushed out the door heading to the dog yard, briskly got through the gate, closed it, scooped her up and brought her inside the dog house. I quickly checked her as we went inside and it didn’t appear that she was actually in season yet, but probably getting close and that’s what all the commotion was about. Whew! Thanks, girls for the “alert”.

I put her in her “room” in the dog house and then headed out the other door.

The path through the snow back across the yard to the house was now ice instead of packed snow so I had my head down as I picked my way through it. But after a few steps, something made me raise my head up. What did I see?  A pack of furry little dogs happily scattering themselves all over the front yard! (I had obviously not gotten the gate latched when I scurried in to rescue Sage)

Panic set in!

Having one dog out in the yard with me in a controlled situation is okay, but having a whole herd suddenly turned loose with everyone running a different direction is another thing! Especially when Cavaliers seem to have a selective hearing “problem” 😛

My three biggest concerns at that point are; #1 and the worst, is the horse pasture is right there and of course the first thing any dog does when it’s out in the yard is head straight into the horse’s enclosure looking for “snacks” (Sorry to gross you out, but dogs are dogs!) A ten to fifteen pound dog is no match for a nine hundred pound horse and one step could break a little dog leg!

#2 concern was the thick woods that back right up to within a few feet of the back of the dog house. The coyotes patrol back there. (Our property line is at the end of the woods so we can’t even clear things out a bit). Thankfully, Ben was nearby, but it’s still scary-close.

And #3 concern with my pack of wildly ranging loose dogs was our road. It is a private driveway which is about 3/4 of a mile off the main country road and we only have one house past us so there’s not a lot of traffic or visitors, but those that do come up, usually are buzzing in pretty fast (delivery guys, the power company checking the meter, the propane guy, etc)

This is why we have three strongly fenced in yards just for the little dogs to securely play and potty in. You just have to make sure the gate is latched when you close it…..

“Cookies! COOOOKIES! Cookies!” I yelled over and over. Good thing my dogs are cookie monsters. They slowly starting heading towards me and the dog house door as I rounded them up and got them safely inside. And gave them their cookies of course! 😉

Needless to say, the last one I corraled was the littlest, Raven who was completely ignoring my bribing calls of cookies, because she was in the horse pasture happily snacking on her own newly found treats! Thankfully, the horses were still munching on their breakfast further away and had not come over to investigate the little intruder. Whew! Disaster averted!

And that, my friends, is the tale of the “Great Escape” of 2019 at Pinewood Cavapoos! May it never be repeated, but I’m sure it will. 😛


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