We have confirmed our next two Cavapoos litters that will be due about the time I get home from vacation at the end of April. 😲

These two “could” produce apricot, blond, red, black and tan and maybe tricolor.

I just warned my husband that he will need to be on high alert the last couple days as I fly home, just in case someone decides to do something early.

Also, I would like to get Allie’s little Nugget matched in the next week with someone on our waitlist so his family can start preparing for him to go home April 28th.

A couple more girls have been bred, but we won’t be able to confirm pregnancies until the end of the month. If all goes well, we should have some beautiful pups this spring/summer!

Which brings me to my next announcement. As most of you know we are hoping to start producing some F1b Cavapoos in the next year or so. We kept two pups from litters last year, our merle parti Sage from Lucy and our tricolor Raven from Flower. They still have some growing and maturing to do, plus be able to pass their health testing before we are ready to start that new part of our program for those that need something less likely to shed. They will both produce parti puppies (white with colored spots).

With that in mind, I will periodically be keeping a Cavapoo from a litter. Nothing is set in stone at this point, it just depends on who produces what.

Which means as the breeder I will have the option to pick first from a litter. So I just wanted everyone to be aware of that so they are not surprised if I keep a pup from one (or two) of this year’s litters.

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  1. This is all VERY exciting! I love seeing the ultrasound. Thanks, Jennifer!

  2. LauraMcGinnus says:

    So exciting. I can’t wait to see what the puppies look like.

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