I’ve had a lot of people pass on our last few litters because they wanted “a summer puppy”.

Nugget is not a summer puppy since he is going home at the end of April.

So if you’ve already told me you wanted a summer pup or you wouldn’t be ready until May, June, etc, I won’t be contacting you about him. If your plans and timing have changed and you are interested in him, you will need to let me know that you’re interested and contact me asap!

And here’s our little Nugget at six weeks ❤️

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9 Responses to Nugget

  1. Phyllis says:

    He’s so cute. Is he available?

  2. Kennedy Raine says:

    That timing is perfect for us. I’m sorry I have not been following Nuggets story. Where did he come from? Why is he available?

    Let me know if our family is a possibility.

    Thanks Kennedy Raine cell(604)935-2122


  3. Jenna Amann says:

    Hello! This is Jenna Amann and we are on your waitlist. We are very intimidated Nugget. Please give me a call and we can talk about details and timing!

    Jenna Amann 303-884-2693

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  4. lesley day says:

    Hi! We would definitely be interested!

    Thanks, Lesley


  5. steveyoung7056 says:

    I am sorry, why don’t u just kill us with cuteness😄I wish my wife would consider but we r in the desert for another month

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