I know that little Nugget wants to hang onto mom as long as he can, but because she’s not feeling well and we want her body to concentrate on getting well instead of feeding him, we’re going to wean him a bit quicker than usual.

He’s eating his soaked food and really not nursing that much, plus she is feeling the need to have more and more “mom only” time. (You moms will understand) 😉  And since she rests better in her puppy pen than just out loose in the house, we’ve moved him into his own “house” in the puppy room and letting her keep her comfy space. We’ve moved a space heater next door to make sure she is toasty warm. You know how it is when you don’t feel well? You just want to be comfy and warm.

(please excuse the spilled kibble underneath)

So here’s his new, spacious house. He’s in a big puppy pen, but the back right corner is blocked off at this point so he doesn’t get “lost” in the space and has a better chance of using his litter box properly. I gave him a big stuffed animal to snuggle up to in his cozy bed, toys to play with and his food and water handy.

Happy and Surprise are right next to him so he has company and someone to “talk” to. Plus he’ll be hanging out with us and still get to visit mom. He’s a really happy, friendly pup so I have no doubt he will make this transition easily.


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