Caught red-handed

The other day I asked hubby if he could go poop scoop the back yard while the “boys”‘ (Surprise and Happy) ran around and played. It wouldn’t take him long, but would give the pups a chance to potty and stretch their legs a bit while I was busy with something else.

I looked out a bit later and saw he was diligently raking pine needles. Yep, most people think of raking leaves, but here in the pine forest, raking pine needles a couple times a year is a thing. It sure makes the yard look nice when it’s done and also clears the way for the grass to grow.

Raking pile after pile of pine needles was a much more time absorbing (and energy consuming) job so he was out there working for quite a while.

I peeked out the kitchen door later to see how things were going and caught him red-handed!

My big ol’ husband taking a break with three dogs in his lap vying for attention (Hope, Surprise and Happy).

(Check Happy out! I caught him mid-jump and he looks like he’s doing a handstand)

Oops! Now he caught me red-handed! He’s got that “Jen, stop taking pictures” look on his face. 😉

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