Cute little Nugget

I’m sure some of you have been wondering about cute little Nugget our singleton Cavapoo pup from Allie and Justice. Well, he is doing super! He grew while I was away and matured some too and can now hold his own with the house crew.

He loves to romp and play in the backyard with his mom, the “twins” (Poodle boys), Aunt Hope and whoever is available. Plus he and the gang like to rip-roar through the kitchen/dining area (the living room is off limits right now to give Rosie and her babies some privacy).

He actually had an appointment with the vet on Tuesday (the day I had to take Rosie in). I was just getting done with Rosie and her pups and starting to head home and knew it would be a tight turn-around for me to drop her off, grab him and head back for his appointment (plus I really needed to be at home to make sure Rosie and the babes got settled in okay) so it was hubby to the rescue again!

He passed his physical with flying colors and the stool sample was free of any “nasties”.

Look at that face ❤️

Faithful little companion already sleeping by my feet. ❤️

We will say good-bye on Monday and send him off with his forever family. But for now, we’ll enjoy his cuteness!

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