Almost a week

Rosie and her babies just wanted to say “Hi!” and let you know they are doing well.


I think the pups had a bit of a harder time getting started since they weren’t born with the stimulation and force of a “normal” birth. They come out a bit sluggish since mom had been anesthetized, plus they didn’t go through the normal birthing process. One minute they’re cozy and warm floating around in their little world and the next minute some human is pulling them out into this cold place, passing them off to another human who starts vigorously rubbing them and sucking fluid out of their mouth and nose. Where is moms’ warm, loving tongue? (Thankfully, that showed up later once mom was awake)

Anyways, as I mentioned before we did lose one of the four living pups that were pulled out at the c-section so Rosie was down to three. All of those pups lost some weight from their initial birth weight, but are now gaining and growing!

They will be one week old tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Almost a week

  1. Danielle Cary says:

    So happy momma and babies are doing good!

  2. Susan Redmond says:

    Are you considering retiring Rosie? I ask because you are “considering” keeping a female from this litter.

    • Eventually. I do want to keep a Rosie daughter for sure. When dogs retire it’s good to have someone else to come in when they are done so you have to plan quite a ways ahead. I have two Cavapoo girls to hopefully produce some f1b pups and I’d like a couple more. And since red is the color most everyone wants then that’s another reason to keep a Rosie pup. 🙂

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