Chow time

Each litter is a little different, but somewhere around four weeks (give or take a bit), one or two pups will venture out and start investigating mom’s food dish. At this stage, their teeth may barely be coming through their gums but they’re interested in that yummy smelling stuff none the less.

Yesterday it happened. When Rosie was out for a break, I saw one of her puppies with its face in the food bowl checking things out.

So I thought I might as well introduce them to some real food. Remember they are only three weeks and two days old at this point but since Nessie is such a petite little princess I knew it couldn’t hurt to offer them some extra vittles.

So I mixed up a batch of baby food and puppy formula. At this age, it needs to be fairly liquidy so they can lap at it and not thick where they have to chew.

They got pretty messy but seemed to enjoy the new menu.

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  1. Darla Finney says:

    A pudding bath! Sounds wonderful! So cute. Thanks for sharing.

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