Where’s the poop?

*Disclaimer* Yes, this post is about dog poop. If that makes you queasy please stop now.

In the past few days, hubby has made on and off comments about smelling dog poop. It was usually when he was sitting at the table on his phone. (Which is really weird because I’m the one with the sensitive nose in the family and I wasn’t getting the big bad odor that was hitting his olfactory system.)

So we would walk around looking to see if someone had secretly made a “deposit” somewhere in the house, checked shoes to see if we stepped in anything, looked in dog crates and everywhere we could think of.

I thought well the puppies are getting bigger and actually making little poops maybe it was them. Or maybe it was just my work shoes.

We’d go on with the day. And then it would happen again, maybe the same day, maybe the next day. “I smell poop.” And the investigation would continue to no avail.

Finally, today, we found the source of the smell.

It was none other than Miss Poopy Butt.

This girl has such long hair on her body that some stool got stuck in the long hair on her backside and we missed it. She was due for a groom and bath anyway.

She and the house smell so much fresher now!

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  1. Dee says:

    💩🤭🤗 So happy you found the source.

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