A peek at the week

For those of you that have been following us a while, you know that a mama dog’s temperature will drop before they whelp (aka give birth). For those of you not familiar with this, here is a blog post I did that explains things a bit better.


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Lucy was due at the end of this month. So I have been monitoring her temperature this week, morning and evening. Well, I guess she took that to heart since today is the very last day and her temperature finally dropped this morning!

Most of the dogs don’t go the complete sixty-three days from the first breeding, but today is day sixty-three for Lucy (we count from the first breeding and there are usually more than one). Now we’ll have to see if these little ones actually show up in May or June.  😉

She’s not that big, but there are definitely little buns in the oven! (Still waiting on my clipper blades so she can get a bath and trim).

And while I sit at home holding Lucy’s paw, my people got to go visit, my people. (Yes, please feel sorry for me… 😜) My brother, SIL and my handsome nephew were vacationing with friends on the OR/WA coast so hubby and our youngest went to hang out with them for a couple days. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to go since we only see them once every year or two, but I couldn’t hardly make more poor husband stay home to deliver puppies!

That adorable puppy in the picture is one of our Cavapoos, Murphy (formally Hermes’ from Hazel’s last litter).

And since Lucy was calm, cool and collected yesterday afternoon and was showing no signs of being close to labor (she still isn’t beside the temperature drop this morning) I snuck off to dog class with Cajsa.

It was nice here when I left home but I drove into a torrential downpour. My wipers at high speed could not keep up!

The class was at the city park this week and since it continued to rain (not like the drive in thankfully) we practiced undercover in the small pavilion while the thunder, lightning, and rain continued (great practice for the dogs).

Before I left home, I made sure all the dogs are securely in their crates. I got them all put away except for Hope. Now, where did Hope go?

Excuse the messy stairs.  This is where I stack the youngest’s things when I collect them around the house; boots, mail, etc). And if Hope can’t find a bed, she likes to nap on the stairs. 😉

And lastly, I’m working on contacting people and getting Rosie’s puppies matched. (I apologize for taking so long to get our new puppy matching “idea” posted. It’s taking a while to write up and try to think of all the details to share so it makes sense and I don’t forget any part of it. It’s still in the “edit” phase. After that, I’ll have to update some website pages too.)

They are so stinkin’ cute!

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