How are they?

Lucy’s little ones are just over a week old. At this stage, they don’t do much but eat and sleep. But even in a week’s time, I can see how much stronger they are, how much more they move around and how much noise they make when they want to eat and can’t get to mom fast enough!

I’m still weighing them every day to make sure they are gaining weight. They are all steadily growing but we do have two that are on the smaller side; the tri boy and his blenheim brother with the green ribbon.

And I’m still needing to stick pretty close to home (or hubby if I have to leave) because Lucy likes to “fix” her bed. Which means she digs it, messes it up and sometimes she is off the bed and pups are on it and can’t get to her or a puppy or two, or all of them end up under the bed! *sigh…silly mom!

Today they had their first tiny toenail trim. At this size, I just use a pair of human fingernail clippers to snip the teeny, sharp end off. It’s important to keep those sharp nails trimmed for mom’s comfort.

We did ENS (more info here if you’re not familiar with what that is; Normally ENS is started around day three but since they were getting extra handling with the supplemental feedings we skipped it during that time.

And lastly, it was time to change out those ribbons for new ones since they’ve grown so much this week. It’s so gratifying to watch each litter grow and develop.

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