Puppy adventures and training

Time seems to pass quickly these last few weeks with the older, Rosie puppies. We are busy, busy, busy!

They are spending less time each day with mom. Rosie has been letting us know she’s about ready to kick the kids out of the nest so to speak. 😉 Although they still glom onto mom as soon as they see her like starving little waifs. But they are also eating their soaked puppy food better since mom is not around as much. I add a bit of wet food too and soak it for them. They are spoiled!

Breakfast in the crate.

They have a litterbox with pellets in their puppy playpen, which they are good about using. We’ve had a few “misses” but that will improve with age. And we’ve also started taking them outside for potty breaks and will continue to do so until they go to their new homes. Hopefully, they’ll have a good start on pottying outside before they leave to make things easier for their new families. (As I mentioned on Facebook, all of the Rosie pups have been matched with their very excited, forever families!) ❤️

It’s hard to tell but that is a “pee” squat.😉

“Mom, can I have some privacy while I poop?”

***I just took a break to let all the house dogs outside to potty. The pups were quietly resting in their puppy pen, but I scooped them up and took them outside too. As soon as I set them in the grass, *boom* they went potty; one, two and three. Just like that!***

They have been listening to classical music. In fact, with mom gone most of the day, there is some “complaining” when they have to be in their puppy pen by themselves. Today I covered the pen (for future puppy parents, covering the pen or crate with a blanket will sometimes help your unhappy puppy to settle down quicker) and then set up my Bluetooth speaker with some classical music for them. They seemed to quiet down nicely and fade off to sleep.

This training is something you, the new parents will continue to do with your puppy when you get him or her home. I talk on the website about setting up a containment area for your puppy.  This is a safe place for the puppy to stay whether you are home and too busy to watch puppy every minute in those crucial first weeks of housebreaking, during the day when you are at work or have to run errands, or at night for bedtime. This is a small, safe area that is your puppy’s “home” until he/she gets through the puppy training phase. In the pen, you would include things like a crate or bed, toys, water (and food if you’ll be gone for a few hours) and a litter box. You will work on taking your puppy outside for potty breaks when you’re home, but if you’re gone or busy for an extended period of the day, your puppy will need to relieve itself and that’s why you can continue to have the litter box available.

We’re listening to different sounds on our cool Puppy School sound app, exploring the farm, garden and meeting some other animals like Cajsa and the cats.

It’s hard to tell but all three are in there.

Naps are important too. 😉😴

They are also getting used to spending time in a crate. At first together and as things progress they will each get their own crate for mealtimes and eventually bedtime. Puppy training is so exciting!

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  1. Penny Swan says:

    I’m so impressed with all the training you do the babies and exposing them to so many things out in the world! I know it makes them much more confident pups and dogs! Kudos for you and all your efforts on their behalf!!

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