Each is different

Each litter generally follows along the same path in growth and development, but there are differences. So instead of lumping each litter into the same activities at certain stages, we have to consider the individual litter’s development and plan accordingly with socialization and other activities.

Some puppies start nosing around in mom’s food dish (at this point mom has dry puppy food at all times to nibble on) as early as three weeks of age, but typically closer to four weeks.

Lucy’s puppies have not really shown interest in doing that and since they are more “petite” in build, I started when they were about four weeks old and introduced them to some puppy mush. (As they grow we will thicken it up and eventually they’ll be eating soaked puppy food).

It’s fun to watch them for the first time. They smell the food but aren’t quite sure what to do with it or how to eat it. Usually, they walk through the dish, lick the air or the outside edge of the dish. It’s quite fun to watch. But after a couple meals, they learn what it’s all about and dive right in!

A couple days later and they’re really getting the hang of it👍

We’ve also had some individual puppy time so the puppies start getting used to being “on their own”.

And we’ve introduced them to taking food from our hands which was a precursor to the clicker training.

And then today, they had their first clicker intro session!

It’s all about the cheese, man. 😉

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