Weekend activities

As most of you know, our family takes one day off each week from doggie “business”. Of course, the dogs, other animals, and people are taken care of, but our Creator asked us to “remember” that day and set it aside for Him.

So it’s a day of rest from “every other day of the week activities”, fellowship with our church family, time with our family, time to spend in nature, etc; just a special day.

This week it was even more special when our Spokane kids decided to drop in for an overnight stay. It had been a while since they had been home so we cherished the time they could visit. Plus we got to see one of our silly grand-dog. šŸ˜‰

(photo credit~Brooke)

The look on Rousey’s face cracks me up!

After church and the following potluck, we headed to the river to enjoy the day and let the dogs romp around. Another friend was visiting from out of town and wanted her German Shepherd to have some play time with other dogs. Unfortunately, Cajsa wasn’t very cooperative, but Rousey (the Boxer) reciprocated some.

**Does not play well with others**šŸ˜œ

And of course, the kids had fun loving on the puppies! ā¤ļø

(photo by Brooke)

(photo by Brooke)

Silly Hope, smushing her face into Brooke’s head!

Later that night (our rest day is Friday sundown to Saturday sundown), I prepared Ivy and her things for our departure in the morning.

Goody bag is all ready!

Beautiful Sunday morning for our drive.

My backseat driver

Miss fluffy head after her bath.

Potty break once we arrived.

This young man was so excited to get his puppy! I don’t think that smile could have been any bigger! It’sĀ so much fun to hand a puppy over to its enthusiastic new owner.

After the puppy delivery, I snuck off to my favorite second-hand store. My poor hubby always says, “Don’t bring home any more toys!” As you can see, I don’t listen very well. šŸ˜‰ He doesn’t understand that toys wear out and we want a variety for the puppies to play with. The toys that I usually find here are baby and toddler toys that I just use on our young puppies.

But then I stopped at Ross. They usually have a nice selection of toys too for a really good price. Because the puppies are not the only ones who should have toys. I picked these up for the adult dogs.

And then it was off to do some “people” food shopping and back home after a long day.


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