Young adults, plus one

As you know, we always have some youngsters growing up around here with the parent dogs (along with the babies we raise). If we want to continue doing what we do (and we do!) then we have to make plans for dogs to grow up and replace the current parent dogs when they retire.

I usually get the pups I’m keeping through their puppy vaccinations and then wait until they are a year old to get their first rabies vaccination. (There’s a method to my madness! 😉 ) Dogs can get their OFA certification after they turn a year old (for eyes, heart, and patellas) even though we don’t let them become parents until they are more mature (usually closer to their second birthday for girls and a bit sooner for boys). My vet will do a thorough exam and include a rabies shot with it (do you see where I’m going?). So I wait until they turn a year old and we go in for the whole shebang!

But I got behind and now some of these girls are actually getting close to maturity and stepping into motherhood! So off we went to the vet today with five dogs; four young adults and Reba.

I’m finally putting an end to Reba’s fence-climbing escapades that lead to unexpected pregnancies. Yep, she’s getting spayed so she’ll be unable to surprise me ever again!


Sky got the top bunk👍

Good girl, Sage.

Autumn and Amber sharing a crate.

I took Autumn and Amber (Allie and Clancy daughters from our 2017 litter). Gypsy (who we’ve renamed “Sky”), a beautiful white with cream spots and blue eyes that I purchased from another breeder about a year ago. And Sage, our oldest female Cavapoo that we kept from the Lucy and Dickens litter a year ago, March. (She is a full sister to Lucy’s current litter).

Sage was up first.

Sky is waiting her turn.

The perfect smile! 😀 (she was actually nervous).

The girls did great on their adventure and Dr. Jess gave them lots of love and checked them over thoroughly. They all took their first steps towards the path of motherhood, except Autumn, unfortunately. I had my suspicions as she would occasionally skip on one leg. She has a slight looseness (luxation) to her left kneecap (patella) so she obviously did not pass her OFA patella exam to be certified and therefore will not be headed to motherhood.

“Can we help you, Dr. Jess?”

Amber (red collar), Autumn (blue collar).

Silly girls.

She is a beautiful light apricot girl with a sweet temperament and we will be looking for a loving home for her. I don’t know if her knee will get any worse. It is a very slight looseness and doesn’t seem to bother her except for an occasional “skip” as I mentioned.

Amber, Sky, and Sage will be preparing for mommy-hood in the future (probably within the next three to six months!)

Reba refused to look at the camera.

She stayed the night and I’ll be picking her up tomorrow.


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  1. Christina says:

    What are you going to call Sage’s pups? Cavapoopoos? 😂🤣😅

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