Baby challenges

I like to give the babies “baby challenges”. It helps them learn problem-solving skills at a young age and gets those little brains figuring things out. Of course, we never want to get them a challenge that would frustrate or scare them. We want them to conquer it! Sometimes it’s done quickly and other times we have to give lots of encouragement until they figure it out.

I set a basket upside down at the door of Mercy’s puppy pen and then a pool noodle after that. It was a weird sort of “steps” for Summer and Jess to try as they exited the puppy pen to come out and play. There was just a small step down to the basket and the basket’s rough texture gave plenty of traction for little feet. The next step was the noodle. I held onto it so it wouldn’t roll and scare them.

It took a bit but they both finally climbed down my contraption and onto the floor where they played with Auntie Hope!

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