Having a blast!

We had a couple of really warm days. Then an amazing thunderstorm and rain that really cooled things down and settled the dust that is an ongoing issue this time of year.

So after breakfast, it was time to take the puppies outside for a potty break and new adventure.

The covered play area that my hubby built for winter potty breaks (think snow and rain) is a perfect place for puppies to also have a potty break and safely play. We are in an area where there are hawks and eagles so I worry about flying predators also.

They had a blast!


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2 Responses to Having a blast!

  1. jonnastar6 says:

    Inside or out, if I were a puppy, I’d want to be raised at your house! It always looks so FUN and clean! Great job! You don’t get those adoring looks for no reason. They probably hate to leave and I don’t know how you manage to let these cuties go – but I’m SO glad you can, so that people like me have our forever lovies to pet and cuddle!


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