Aussaliers at play

The Aussaliers are starting to enjoy the play area upstairs too.

I started with a smaller area since they are younger and we want to make it easier for them to hit the litter boxes that are available for them to use.

They seem to really enjoy playing and exploring their new, bigger world!

Right now they are playing by themselves as a litter. They are ten days younger than Mercy’s pups so they could technically play with them when they are a bit older. But then Mercy’s pups are now playing with Lucy’s pups which are ten days older than them. I’m not sure if having them all together would be a great idea since that would make the Aussaliers almost three weeks younger than the oldest batch. Time will tell which ones will be good playmates. Probably what we’ll do is continue with Lucy and Mercy’s playing together and once Maisie gets a bit more active and adventurous we’ll let her play with the Aussaliers since they are only six days apart.

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