Good question!

Someone just asked a good question regarding the waiting list so I thought I would share it here in case others might have the same thought.

“How often do you update the waiting list?”

I do try to add each person as I receive the application and application fee. So that is an ongoing “update” to the list. But I think what most people really want to know is “when am I going to move up the list and have a smaller number?” 😉 I get it. I really do. And I’m so happy for enthusiastic adopters.

So the list is really only going to change drastically (or not, depending on how many puppies we have to match) when we match puppies and then remove those people from the list.

If I just have one litter or one litter that is much older than other litters I might have (let’s say weeks apart in age), then I will match that oldest litter, remove those people from the list and update it. And so on and so forth with each consecutive litter.

If I have several litters that are close in age like we do now with Lucy’s, Mercy’s, Oakley’s and Treasure’s, I might be matching all those puppies as I go through the list. Once all the pups are matched, those new adopters’ names will be removed from the list and we’ll see a big change as lots of people get moved upwards on the list. That’s always exciting!

Usually, as I’m going through the list contacting people to see if they are interested in a puppy, I will find people that asked to be removed because life circumstances have changed, maybe there’s a job or housing issue or they have found a puppy elsewhere. So those people get removed after puppy matching or just randomly as I’m contacted.

And that’s how and when the waiting list gets updated! I hope this information is helpful.

Speaking of that, all of our older Cavapoo and Aussalier puppies have been matched with their forever families. Congrats to all!

Now it’s time to update that list and make it a bit shorter!

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2 Responses to Good question!

  1. Danielle Carter says:

    I do have a question! How often do you have litters? Are the girls usually bred spring through summer and get the fall/winter “off” so to say? I guess in short, I’m asking if you’ll have any more litters this year? Thanks!

    • Danielle, we usually have puppies year round. It just depends on the girls. And of course, it seems to be feast or famine. There are no puppies or they all come around the same time because the girls will cycle together :O

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