Is that better

I’ve posted before how Hope likes to walk up the stairs and then climb onto the puppy pen to nap.

Well, with all the kids home this week there is more stuff laying around than usual. Apparently, someone didn’t know this was Hope’s “spot”. She climbed up anyway and looks very uncomfortable on top of the box. (But that is her spot!)

Poor girl looks like she’s hanging on for dear life! 😉😂

I moved the box but before I could fix the blanket she perched on the other bulky object that was left on top of the crate.

I picked her up to straighten the blanket and see what it was.

My bad. I left the wagon there after taking puppy pictures.

Is that better, Hopie? Silly girl.


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4 Responses to Is that better

  1. says:

    When people do kind things they don’t always know who’s hearts they touch. Every day I look forward to seeing your emails. My dad had another stroke on Wednesday, one of my girlfriends got news of a breast cancer return and one of my cousin’s had to put his dog down yesterday so it has been a really tough week for me. Il laughed out loud as I scrolled down. Hope is a wonderful dog, and I totally understand her needing to find her “spot”. I laughed out loud as a scrolled down the pictures. Again thanks to much for sharing your puppies and your life with others. Love Brenda from Calgary.

    • Brenda, I’m so sorry for all the bad things that happened in your life this week. I hope next week is better. Glad to brighten your day with some silly pictures. (HUGS)

  2. Didi Dame says:

    What a darling face!

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