Hollywood calling!

I got the strangest phone call today!

A gentleman called asking if this was “Pinewood Cavapoos” and of course my first thought it was someone interested in a puppy. But, it wasn’t.

He introduced himself as a producer wanting to know if I had a Cavapoo puppy (actually it would need to be an older puppy or young adult) to be in an Amazon commercial filmed in Seattle!

I told him that I was six hours from Seattle, but there were a lot of my puppies living in the Seattle area so I would let you all know and if anyone is interested in their pup/dog starting their movie career (hehe) please contact me and I’ll get you in touch.

Okay, I have to say I’m a bit skeptical when I get calls like this. Is this legit? Are you for real, buddy? Is this a scam of some sort? So I did some sleuthing and the number he gave me does match up with an animal “actors” company.

So if you have an older puppy or young adult, apricot or red Cavapoo that is from us and are interested in this job please contact me asap. Obviously, it should be well mannered and groomed nicely (make me look good, you guys! hehe because “Pinewood Cavapoos” will be mentioned so you’re “advertising” for us. I know some of you already do that as you share your dogs in the area where you live and we so appreciate it!) The other requirements were it can sit next to an adult on a couch and be petted and is good with young children.

Oh, and it is a paying “job” for your dog.


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9 Responses to Hollywood calling!

  1. JOAN SPEAR says:

    YES! Yoshi. (AKA Yule) is so darn cute! And pretty obedient. Almost 8 months old. Call me if you need me. 860-485-5977


  2. Lalani Bates says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    We would totally be up for this. Koda is awesome and too cute!

    [image1.jpeg] [image2.jpeg] Hope you are doing great! Thank you for such a wonderful pup!!

    Sincerely, Lalani

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  3. Lauren Marcell says:

    We’d be interested! Soup is so cute and loves kids.


  4. Jennifer Brooks says:

    Cali (Kirby) is interested!💕

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  5. Heather Erdman says:

    Let’s do Tuesday! Willow will be at camp too, I’ll have daphne. Yay!!

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