Second bath

I don’t usually bathe puppies much before they get their beauty treatment the night before they go to their new homes. In fact, they don’t even get one before they go to the vet for their check-ups because my vet wants to see them “as is” so to speak.

But when you have a litter of puppies with a base coat of white and they are enjoying the summertime weather and their playtime outdoors, well, then they definitely need baths before picture day!“Why, mom, why?” (Johnny)

“I feel like a drowned rat!” (Kenny)

“Really mom, you had to take my picture?” (Willy)

“I feel like one of those ladies with her hair wrapped in a towel!” (Waylon)

“You’re not going to dip me under that waterfall, are you? (June)

“Just because I’m the littlest doesn’t mean you can put me in the shampoo bucket!” (Dolly)

So Lucy’s crew got their second bath before their eight-week-old pictures were done. And at this age, I start to have someone hold them for pictures because they just don’t stay put long enough to snap a photo!

Eight weeks is usually the last official photo that I add to each puppy’s album. Since they got home around nine to nine and a half weeks of age, that last week is pretty busy. Although I usually continue to share candid shots of them.

Lucys’ pups are going home a tad bit later just because I wanted to give them extra time to grow and put on more weight. They all started out with a more petite build and weight like their mother, but they are sure growing now! But I wanted to be sure they were a good weight before heading home. That transition can be a bit stressful as you can imagine and they don’t always eat really well. The last thing we want is a little puppy losing weight. I like them to be at least three pounds before they leave here. And most of them are closer to four to six pounds. Little Miss Dolly isn’t quite to three pounds yet, but I suspect she will be that and more when she leaves her on the eleventh of August.

We can get a bit of a guess on their adult weight at their eight-week weigh-in. It’s by no means a guarantee of adult size, but an estimate. So I’ll share what their eight-week weights are and my guess of adult size.

  • Dolly~2# 3 oz…………..8-10 lbs
  • Johnny~3# 4oz………..13-15 lbs
  • June~3# 11 oz………….15-18 lbs
  • Kenny~3# 12 oz……….15-18 lbs
  • Waylon~3# 6 oz……….13-15 lbs
  • Willy~4# 5 oz…………..18-20 lbs

So what have these guys been up to?

Well, they are completely weaned from mom now and on a three meals a day schedule. They are sleeping together in one crate at night and for naps. I’m still leaving the door open so they have litter box access at night but that will soon change as we transition to sleeping in the crate at night. Normally they settle down to sleep around nine to nine-thirty. So I will have to go upstairs and wake them up around 11:30-12 (yep, midnight), make sure they are awake and go potty, tuck them back into their crate, shut the door and get to bed! At this point, they should make it until five or six in the morning.

We will then transition them to sleeping two to a crate and hopefully, before they go home, each will be sleeping through the night (a short night) in their own crate.

They have playtime inside and outside, as a litter only and also with Mercy’s pups. I haven’t set up the kitchen play area while the family is still here but when the kids head home ( boo-hoo!) I will also set that area up so they have someplace different to explore.

With family in and out they’ve had extra visitors and we’ll plan a playdate with our neighbor kids soon.

Along with the baths, we continue to do the weekly toenail trims (they’re experts now) and are practicing brushing and using the hairdryer on them.

Life is busy and the weeks wind down to send this crew home with their forever families!

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