Puppy packets and delivery day

Each time puppy matching comes around there are questions from the excited new families as they prepare. Which is totally normal and fine! That’s what I’m here for so don’t feel bad if you are getting ready to bring your puppy home and you think of more! I do try to have posts and pages that I share to help each person prepare, but some questions have prompted me to write up another post with even more information. (Thanks to all for asking the questions and reminding me I need to do this!)

I wanted to go over what comes home with your puppy and what to expect on puppy delivery day.

A lot of people have questions about food. Our puppies are raised on Fromm Classic puppy food. Fromm has a couple of other puppies foods; Fromm Gold Puppy and Fromm Grain-free. I find a lot of people have trouble finding the Fromm Classic but are able to find the Gold in their area. If you cannot find Fromm Classic Puppy Food, please go with the Fromm Gold Puppy food. They are similar in ingredients and formula. And I always send home a small bag of the Classic puppy food with each puppy. It is enough to mix with the Gold if you need to and switch them over gradually. So food is one thing that goes home with your puppy. But what else do you get?

Well, I fix up a bag of goodies for you and your puppy! The fun stuff includes a couple toys and a homemade baby blanket so your puppy has something familiar to snuggle with in its new home. I also like to include a picture of your puppy’s parents for his “family album”. If I remember to stock up on clickers, I’ll put one in since we try to introduce each puppy to the clicker before heading home. And for those of you flying home with your puppy, I try to include a bully stick or other chew to keep your puppy occupied on the flight home.

Then there is a folder with all of your puppy’s important information. This will include a health record with recorded information such as puppy’s birthdate, de-worming schedule, veterinary exam date, and stool sample check, vaccinations started and upcoming vaccination dates penciled in for you to schedule with your veterinarian.

Speaking of your veterinarian, I always recommend you take your new puppy in within 72 hours for a brief check-up. Even though it has just been seen by our vet, it gives your vet a chance to check your puppy out too. It will not need any shots at that time, so make it a fun visit, bring treats and let the staff share cookies with your pup. You can also take this time to set up your puppies next vaccination visit and ask about flea, tick and heartworm prevention if it applies.

Each puppy gets a thorough exam by our veterinarian and will fill out a health sheet for each puppy at the visit. This is also included in your puppy packet.

I will also include some information about NuVet and sample tablets to give your puppy. I highly recommend this supplement at least for your puppy’s first year of life if nothing else.

And lastly, I have put together a small “booklet” of information. I tried to think of everything a new owner would have questions about and included it in there.

“So what’s the plan for the delivery day of my puppy?” you might ask.

Each litter has a planned delivery day which I try to add to their album on the website when they are born. Occasionally it will change, but most of the time you can figure the Sunday after they turn nine weeks old.

What we have done for the past couple of years that has worked wonderfully is to meet as a group about ten-thirty on Sunday morning at a hotel located at the Spokane airport. This makes it convenient for those driving in from the Seattle or Portland area or those that might be flying in. (I will send out a detailed group email to those I’m meeting the week before). This hotel also gives discounts to my puppy families should they chose to arrive on Saturday and need a place to stay.

Our meeting usually takes about one to two hours depending on the number of puppies and just the crowd we have. During this time we will go over your puppy’s health record, puppy health sheet, puppy information, etc. I’ll answer questions and of course,  get photos of everyone with their puppy! Some groups have found that they might live near another family and decide to exchange contact info so they can get their puppies together for playdates later too.

That about wraps things up! I hope this has been helpful 🙂

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6 Responses to Puppy packets and delivery day

  1. Katharine W. Harding says:

    Oh my gosh I’m impressed with how thorough you are!
    ? What happens if when our # comes up & heaven forbid something comes up and we can’t take a puppy at that time? Do we go to the end of the list? Or do we go sideways until we are ready?
    Thank you! Our anticipation builds seeing all the adorable photos.
    Thank you
    Katharine H.

  2. Darla Finney says:

    I just can’t say enough about how much fun puppy delivery day was. Those crates sat there all covered so we couldn’t see the pups while we were told all the information we needed. You knew we wouldn’t hear a word you said if we could see those puppies. Now and then one would whimper a little and a collective “Ohhhhh” would emerge from the humans in the room. Then we got to take and hold our fur babies! After more questions and pictures everyone went outside and the puppies played together one last time in the back of your truck and maybe they used the little box. It was memorable for sure and definitely worth waiting for.

  3. Darla Finney says:

    I meant to say “litter” box and I will add that it’s fantastic that you use a litter box. My pup came home when there was over a foot of snow on the ground so outside would have been very difficult.

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