A crazy idea!

Hubby had taken great care of the puppies while I was gone to my “horse therapy” session yesterday. But I wanted to do something fun with them when I got home. So he helped me gather them up and take them out to the garden for some play and exploring.

This was the first time I had let all the different ages out together. We had Johnny at ten and a half weeks, who usually plays with Summer and Jess who are nine weeks. Then there were our Aussaliers; Bosal (Echo), Cinch (Luna) and Dally at one day shy of eight weeks who usually play with Miss Maisie, the youngest of the bunch at seven weeks.

The garden is big enough and there are so many things to see, smell and investigate that the pups were almost too busy to notice there were new “people” in their group. (When I introduce different ages I just worry about the older, more mature pups playing too rough and intimidating the youngers.)

Plus, I had snatched my grand-dog for the weekend and brought her home with me. So on the outside of the garden fence were our three big dogs; Cajsa, Rousey, and Ben for the puppies to visit with.

What I forget about is there is a section of fence farther down that puppies can actually get through. And they did. *sigh* So now I’m on the inside with most of them and two are in the driveway saying “hi” to the big dogs! I yelled for hubby to come rescue puppies and get them back in with me. (If I had gone out the gate to get them myself the rest would’ve followed).

So we got them all back together and I head off another direction away from the gate and the driveway trying to distract them from the fence line and the big dogs. Did it work? Almost. Someone sneaked out of the small opening at the bottom of the gate! (The garden is not puppy-proof fencing for sure.)

So I ran over to coax that pup back through the gate opening and someone else slipped out!

Okay, so this is just not working well. They are having way too much fun running everywhere, checking everything out, running through the garden and escaping!!

We did have fun but it was time to round them all up and get back inside where I could keep track of everyone and feed them dinner.

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6 Responses to A crazy idea!

  1. Tricia BOURDEAU says:

    Aw! But Mom, we’re having a grand time exploring and seeing new things. πŸ™‚ The escape artists hard at work…

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  2. Dee says:

    So happy to hear it wasn’t an incident like Hopie’s big adventure a couple years back.
    Judging by the photos it looks like the pups were having a great time! You’re such a good mommy. 😁

  3. Esther Herst says:

    But wouldn’t Auntie Hope have helped corral them? (hee hee hee)

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