Venturing out

Joy’s puppies are four weeks old today! They are still roly-poly butterballs! Little John no longer looks enormous next to his brothers as they are all similar in size. I’m pretty sure that Will Scarlet will end up the smallest. He weighs the least and just has a smaller build.

They are doing amazing using their UgoDog litter box next to their bed. In fact, they are using it so much, I went ahead and switched them over to the box with pellets.

They are investigating toys that I share with them. And they’re starting to venture out and do a little bit of exploring in the living room. Just observing them yesterday while they played it looks like Little John is our most adventurous puppy, Will Scarlet, and Robin Hood are the middle of the pack guys and Allan A’Dayle was our more cautious, mellow guy who just stayed put and observed his surroundings. These guys may change positions in the pack, but this is just what I observed in one session of play.

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