Exams and puppy delivery day!

Friday found me at the vet again for puppy appointments. There were only two pups this week from Mercy’s litter; Summer and Jess. And Mercy went in for her physical too.

The vet was tickled when she found out one pup was named after her and the other the tech.


Mom Mercy is first.

“Did you say you wanted a kiss?”

“I’m being a good boy!”

Sister’s turn

And then early Sunday morning we headed out to Spokane to meet our families.

Summer and her mom.

Jess and his family.

And Johnny (from Lucy) and his mom. He’s going home to live with his big brother (another Pinewood pup and his actual brother from a previous litter❤️).

And the final group photo! Another fun day with special people. 😊


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